Welcome to the B-Phot ticketing portal.

All B-Phot staff has access to the BIT Project where you can post all issues related to the B-Phot IT infrastructure (computers, network, etc).
For specific project related issues please use the correspondent page to post your questions, problems or suggestions.
Active projects:
  • ACTPHAST: APIN web application. An intranet portal for the ACTPHAST Project.
  • B-Phot Website: Yes! Our main website has a project itself.
  • BIT: The default project, only for the B-Phot IT infrastructure issues.
  • B-MyRide: The web app that reserves a place for you to the Photonics Innovation Center.
  • Confluence: aka BNet
  • Photonics Explorer: For the Photonics Explorer website

Some projects have their own contact point to receive your issues and evaluate them before reporting here. If you don't have access to a Project page please contact the Project Admins to request access if possible.